Start 2019 Off Right! In the midst of papers, in the midst of internships, in the midst of all nighters, venti coffees, break ups, and proposals, there’s a season of life that can be summed up in two ways for many believers launching into adulthood: walking away from faith or finding true worth and confidence in Jesus Christ as He calls you to something deeper. God has created you for a purpose and as you learn that and navigate adulthood, there is an opportunity for intimate growth in a relationship with the Creator. In the Midst weekend retreat at Epworth Forest Conference Center is designed as a connection point. Before heading back off to school, come connect with other believers, learn more about who God is, and find rest in His power and grace.

This winter retreat for young adults and college students (college freshman – age 25) is a perfect time to grow in discipleship and renewal. Life is crazy during the college years, but it doesn’t have to be a season of isolation or stagnant spiritual growth. Come together with other young adults to┬áconnect, learn, rest, and worship.

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