Bannett, Ashlea

Date of Move: 12/1/2018From: The Promise UMC, Associate PastorDistrict: North Central To: Castleton UMC, Associate [...]

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Duckworth, Jack R.

Date of Move: 1/1/2019From: West Middleton UMC, Senior PastorDistrict: North Central To: Other Faith RetiredDistrict:

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McAfee, Stephen D.

Date of Move: 11/1/2018From: Bethany UMC, New Middletown UMC, Senior Pastor District: SouthTo: Additional appointment, [...]

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McQueen, Randal S.

Date of Move: 7/1/2019From: Indianapolis Good Shepherd UMC, Senior PastorDistrict: Central To: RetirementDistrict: East

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Barton, John

Date of Move: 12/2/2018From: Hartford City Grace UMC, Associate PastorDistrict: EastTo: Additional appointment, Hartford [...]

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