Annual Conference Session 

August 15

7:30 am EST – Registration opens

10am EST – Laity Session, Clergy Session, Clergy Spouse Gathering

12:45pm EST – Plenary 1 (Rules and Structure, Consent Calendar, Retiree Celebration)

2:30pm EST – Plenary 2 (Nominations, Trustees, Pension and Health Benefits, 2021 Budget Presentation, Resolutions)

4:00pm EST – Celebration of Ministry Worship Service


October 10

8:00am EST – Registration opens

10am EST – Plenary 3 (Blue Ribbon Task Force report, recommendations, vote)

1:00pm EST – Celebration of Life Worship Service

3:00pm EST – Plenary 4 (Resolutions, Celebration of Legacy Churches, Celebration of New Church Charters, 2021 Budget vote)