General Conference 2020

The General Conference of The United Methodist Church will meet May 5-15, 2020, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Conference will be hosted by The Dakotas-Minnesota Annual Conference and may have significant impact on the future of The Church in relation to the topic of human sexuality and the Church.
General Conference 2020 Petition Submission Process Opens
Petitions for consideration by the 2020 General Conference may be submitted to the Petitions Secretary now through September 18, 2019. According to church law, “Any organization, clergy member, or lay member of The United Methodist Church may petition the General Conference…”.

U.S. Elections See Shift in GC2020 Delegates
Months after a bruising 2019 special United Methodist General Conference, U.S. annual conference voters elected a significantly different slate of delegates to make big decisions in 2020.

Biblical Comparison Shapes GC2020 Theme
A well-known Bible verse provides inspiration for the theme of the 2020 General Conference in Minneapolis.

Petitions for consideration by the 2020 General Conference may be submitted through Sept. 18, 2019.

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Posted September 16, 2019

Why Would You WANT to do that?  – Rev. Russ Abel

Each time I have offered myself to serve as a General Conference Delegate, that has been one of the most common questions I am asked. The short answer is, I want to serve and I want to make a difference. I know that may sound simplistic or naïve, or both. But let me explain. Continue reading.

You may contact members of the Indiana delegation for the 2020 General Conference at

A great way for clergy and laity to get involved, be in community, and serve is by volunteering their time and efforts to welcoming United Methodists from across the world as they gather for the 2020 General Conference, May 5 – 15, in Minneapolis, Minn. Don’t currently live near Minneapolis? Don’t let that stop you. The Annual Conference is offering volunteers different options for housing and accommodations. Visit for more information.

GC2020 Volunteer Opportunities

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You may contact members of the Indiana delegation at

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