Frequently Asked Questions

What is the term “annual conference”

When you hear the term “annual conference,” it could be referring to any one of three things. The annual conference as a regional body, an organizational unit, AND a yearly meeting. 

  • The Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church, a regional body of The United Methodist Church, serves as the missional ministry and administrative structure for the churches in Indiana. Our clergy and laity are a part of what United Methodists know as the Connection, as we believe we are stronger in our witness to the world by being connected to each member, church, agency, and other bodies doing the ministry of the Church in Indiana and throughout the world.

As United Methodists we accept a Wesleyan Theological view which calls us to service, evangelism, discipleship, and promoting grace to all God’s children. We believe that all are called by God and seek to be a place where they can learn more about faith.

The Indiana Conference is part of the North Central Jurisdiction, which encompasses Annual Conferences in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Bishop Julius C. Trimble is our current episcopal leader of the Indiana Area. 

  • The annual (sometimes referred to as ‘regional’) conference is described by the church’s Constitution and (other parts of the) Book of Discipline as the “basic unit” of the church. 

In the United States, an annual conference may cover an entire state, only part of the state, or even parts of two or more states. 

  • Each year an equal number of clergy members and lay members attend the Indiana Annual Conference Session to worship, fellowship, and to conduct the business of the Conference on behalf of the local church. Annual Conference is typically held in June over the course of 3-4 days and presided by our resident bishop, Julius C. Trimble.

Each year this is our collective opportunity to tell the story of the Connection, the Conference, and most importantly the local church. Annual Conference offers us the ability to celebrate good work in ministry, as well as launch vision for who we aspire to be in our witness, as United Methodists, to the world. Ministries are invited to offer reports in a narrative style that showcase how we are making disciples at the local church level and transforming the world throughout the Connection. 

Annual Conference is also the place where we celebrate clergy and clergy spouses who have transitioned into the Church Triumphant, retire clergy, commission and ordain deacons and elders; elect delegates (quadrennial) for General and Jurisdictional Conference; set programmatic and budgetary resources; charter new churches, lift up new ministries, and more. 

The Annual Conference is also a time where new vision, goals, and strategic focuses for the future are cast for our people and our churches to achieve alongside each other. 

As the Indiana Conference, we have committed to continue to hone in on a narrative of celebration and missional ministry and have been intentionally leading this way throughout our past few conferences.

Who is invited to the Annual Conference Session

Lay members of the Annual Conference, along with clergy, interpret the work done by the annual conference session to the congregation. This is an opportunity to listen and learn from each other and to experience a greater variety of God’s human creation than you may experience in your local congregation. Take advantage of this opportunity by getting acquainted with people sitting near you and celebrate the diversity of The United Methodist Church.

Equalization Members

Willingness to Serve Forms were received by the Indiana Annual Conference from January 2, 2024, through the submission deadline of February 2, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Equalization Members:

  • Will be elected at the District Conferences to be held in March (or when the Superintendent designates).
  • Those elected to serve will be notified by e-mail.
  • Those elected will need to register for the Annual Conference to attend in person for voting purposes. 

This process (reference 2016 Book of Discipline, paragraph 32, Article I), which aligns with our other practices within the Indiana Conference to gather names of those who are willing to serve the Annual Conference (please reference General and Jurisdictional Willingness to Serve, and Conference Nominations’ Volunteer Form). This process provides for an equitable means of communicating this opportunity broadly throughout the Indiana Annual Conference. When persons complete the form, it offers a catalog of names for the District Operational Teams to provide a slate of persons who can be available for election to represent the districts as lay equalization members to the Annual Conference Session.

The Equalization Members Willingness to Serve process does not guarantee anyone the opportunity to serve (even if you have served in this capacity in prior years). The process provides for the District Operational Teams to make a well-informed decision regarding those lay members who will serve to represent the diversity of the respective districts.

Please be aware that the District Operational Team will provide a slate to be voted at a District Conference in each district. The process for identifying Equalization Members will be found in our Indiana Conference Rules and Structure Document.  

Click each link below for more information on each District:

Central District may elect “93”

East District may elect “22”

North District may elect “50”

North Central District may elect “43”

Northeast District may elect “39”

Northwest District may elect “30”

South District may elect “14”

Southeast District may elect “25”

Southwest District may elect “25”

West District may elect “18”

Annual Conference 2024


Date, Location, Address & Directions

Date:  June 5 – 8, 2024
Where:  St. Luke’s UMC
100 W. 86th St., Indianapolis IN  46260

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