2020 Indiana Annual Conference - June 11-13, Marian, Indiana - INUMC

AC Information – June 11-13, 2020

Indiana Wesleyan University  |  Marion, IN

Equalization Willingness to Serve


Making a Motion or Amendment

Voting Rights

Know Before You Go

What do you need to know before you go?  Indiana United Methodists have the opportunity to learn about our new venue, the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, and hear information from the Blue Ribbon Task Force. These gatherings will be held in four different United Methodist Churches across the Indiana Conference to help United Methodists prepare to meet June 11-13 for the 2020 Annual Conference session.

Dates: March 29, April 4, April 19, April 26

Locations and times will be announced soon

Petitions and Resolutions

The deadline to submit petitions or resolutions for the 2020 Annual Conference is March 13, 2020

Rules and Structure

The United Methodist Churches of Indiana declares itself to be a continuing entity of the larger Body of Christ within the denomination known as The United Methodist Church. As that declared body, we are defined and directed for purposes of organization and procedure by the 2016 edition of The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church. Our Organizational Structure, Standing Rules, and Rules of Order as defined and written in this document continue in force from year to year, from one session of the Annual Conference to the next, except as changed or amended from time to time as prescribed by The Book of Discipline and this document.

  • The Standing Rules and Rules of Order will be printed annually in the pre-Conference workbook and in the official Journal of the Annual Conference Session. Unless otherwise needed, this Rules and Structure document will only be printed in the pre-Conference workbook and in the official Journal of the Annual Conference Session quadrennially in the year just prior to the session of the General Conference of The United Methodist Church.
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