Children Matter Most Initiative

Children Matter Most Initiative - Annual Conference 2020 - INUMC

Jesus takes children seriously. Jesus brings them to the forefront when He is asked who is the greatest among us. Jesus gives a harsh warning to those who would cause harm to the growth of a child. Jesus loves children.

A group of leaders, who also love and have concern for children, have begun meeting regularly to focus on the needs of children throughout Indiana.  This group was first convened by Bishop Trimble who named the cause of the group “Children Matter Most.” The leaders include those in local ministries and churches who are focused on children. The group believes children are the most vulnerable amongst us, as well as, the most resilient when given opportunities to thrive.

Children Matter Most is not just a mantra that you will begin hearing around the Indiana Conference – it is the heart of churches and leaders who know children MUST have opportunities to know they are loved and cared for in their neighborhoods and schools.  You will begin hearing about the work this group is doing to help all of us better resource local schools.  Their desire to see more kids at our INUMC camps will be evident. Being trained in the realities of trauma, abuse, and neglect and how it impacts our children in our communities is also imperative to them and will be shared with congregations and individuals throughout our conference.

A passion for children and how Jesus sees them is obvious within the new Children Matter Most team and their hope is that you would jump in too.  Children are invaluable to Jesus and our church and you have a role to play, we all do!  Pray for the work of this group, the children in your life and neighborhood, and that you would be prepared to come alongside this team and Bishop Trimble to make Indiana a place where children are highly valued and fully thriving.