COSROW Leadership Transition

For the last four years, Rev. Crystal Jacobson has served as the Chair of the Indiana Conference COSROW. During her time in leadership, the group helped get General COSROW resources into the hands of Indiana women, resumed monitoring inclusion at Annual Conference, and made the sexual misconduct complaint system easier to use with Care Response Teams, providing anyone involved in a complaint with pastoral care.

“My hope is that the Conference will continue to see the value in this work and work in partnership with COSROW,” she said. COSROW was without leadership for several years before being rebooted in 2020, which is when Crystal took over as COSROW Chair.

Crystal’s children will soon both be in high school. She began to feel a pull to make the most of these last few years at home with them. “When I prayed about this, God reminded me that we have a Conference full of women who could provide outstanding leadership, but my kids only have one mom,” she added.  

While Crystal was processing her next steps, God began calling someone else to lead COSROW. Rev. Julia Pritchett-Gonzales will officially replace Crystal as Chair of COSROW starting July 1. 

Julia has worked with COSROW since 2020 and joined the steering committee not long after. In 2022, Julia served as an inclusion monitor at the North Central Jurisdictional Conference, and she will be working with General COSROW as a monitor again at the Postponed 2020 General Conference in April. 

“While a lot of my time with COSROW thus far has been focused on the monitoring side of our mission, my hope for our work in looking ahead is to explore ways that we can put that data to use,” Julia said. 

Rev. Jacbosen is confident in Julia’s skillset. “I have seen Julia’s passion and brilliance as part of COSROW’s steering committee. She revolutionized how we monitored inclusion by creating a dynamic digital worksheet. She also already has a strong connection to General COSROW. Most of all, she can keep calm when things get hard. I have no doubt that she will be able to lead us onward as a Conference to be a more just Church.” 

Julia is hopeful for the impact COSROW can have in the next few years. “I would love to see COSROW taking further steps to work alongside the Conference and churches to prepare for welcoming a female pastor, particularly when it is their first or second,” she said. 

Julia would also like to see COSROW continue their work with Care Response Teams and with the Conference historian, holding future retreats, and building stronger ties with United Women of Faith and other committees within Diversity, Missions, and Justice. 

“To educate and advocate for women’s full inclusion in the life and ministry of the Church and Conference means that we need to be thinking of all women and their different struggles and needs,” Julia said. “It means not just looking around and seeing what we want to see, but instead being brave enough to look as if we are seeing through God’s eyes.”