Bishop: I Believe

Twenty years ago, I wrote the following in the Pastors Corner of the monthly newsletter for Aldersgate UMC in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, where I served as senior pastor at the time. 

I believe in the goodness in humanity.

I believe that God never stops loving us.

I believe that dreams do come true.

I believe in miracles and blessings both great and small.

I believe in possibilities I may not yet see.

I believe that hugs bring healing.

I believe that good can overcome evil.

I believe that children have a God given right to be safe and loved.

I believe human dignity should not be violated by injustice.

I believe that in the words of Karl. A. Menninger, “Love cures people, the ones who receive love and the ones who give it, too.”

I believe as the Bible states, “Nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Twenty years later, I still believe each of those statements. It’s as important now as it was then that we affirm our beliefs. A new year is a prime opportunity to do just that.

As we journey together in 2024, we are in need of clarity and encouragement. As God inspires me to write, I will convey beliefs that we all can embrace as building blocks of hope and faith as we live into all God has for us in the upcoming year.

Be encouraged in 2024,

Julius C. Trimble

Resident Bishop

Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church