To the North Central District Family

NC District family,

Jack Tuell’s book The organization of the United Methodist Church comes handy especially a season like this one. This is a season when churches are trying to dig deeper into their roots as they seek to better grasp what it really means to be a follower of Jesus Christ a midst practical theological disagreements and political chaos in the world. Bishop Tuell clearly shares insights that show the value of being part of a connectional church that loves God and loves their communities. How can someone love God and hate God’s creation? How can someone love their church and hate some people who come to that church? What will it look like walking with a sinner, loving them the Christ way, yet hating their sins?

These are not easy questions. They are questions that challenge us to be more focused on God’s creation and creating space for that creation to experience a gracious God in every step of their lives. I am so proud when I hear stories of more than 100 children participating in Vacation Bible School at Fishers UMC, more than 200 children engaged in Vacation Bible school at Carmel UMC, stories of a church full of adult worshippers at Noblesville first dedicated to reaching their neighborhood apartments to serve meals and connect. God’s church continues to thrive. It is God’s church and God’s mission!

Hear the powerful missional story from Carmel United Methodist Church,

Our church was given a grant in 2021 to start a natural garden and wow has our congregation delivered! We partner with the Carmel High School Softball teams, Boy Scouts and community members to grow almost 500 pounds of produce each year to serve to our food pantry guests. We are on track to serve over 16,000 people this year! Our guests are so grateful as many of them have illnesses that require fresh, healthy, and natural produce:

Friends, NC district’s operation teams recently launched a countywide clergy and lay leadership gathering for fellowship and listening for what God is doing. Read this from Madison county (ADD THE ARTICLE FROM JOHN GROVES)……………… We have gathering at Marion (Grant County), Kokomo (Howard and Tipton counties), Lebanon (Boone County) Carmel and Westfield (Hamilton County). Pastor have been a blessing to share how they see God’s work shape the mission of the church. Thank you!

Coming this fall, we will be gathering all pastors and all church leadership for a day of celebration, music, gathering and testimonies. We can’t wait to see you there!

I am forever thankful to God for ways our churches continue to do mission work. I see miracles happen every day when a church turns or its property is turned into a recovery center, a foster shelter place for needy kids, a place to start a new Korean church, a welcoming environment where youth are trusting us and seeking to be involved in the mission of the church. A place where adults see their children and grandchildren as social missional capital as they join them for worship. A community where elderly people gather for a meal, Bible study, cooking, movie night and playing Bible cards. Glory be to God! This is mission!  

Thank you for your love, generosity, and commitment to make disciples who make disciples and who continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ!

Thanks for your faithfulness.