North Central District Update

Praise the Lord the North Central District Family,

As I was preaching at a recent conferencewide event held at Zionsville UMC, I felt the Spirit of the Lord moving. I heard the voice of the Lord saying, share that which is in your heart. I shared what was in my heart “Dreaming Like Never Before!”. I challenged everyone to embrace the convictions that Prayer works! I love being a Christian period! I am blessed to know that my faith is shared within the body of the United Methodist Denomination. Why?

We, United Methodists teach the basic theology of our church. Examples of what we believe include the following: God is one in three persons (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), the Bible is the inspired word of God, Sin is falling from God’s grace and one can be redeemed by salvation through Christ Jesus. We believe that Grace is unmerited gift from God which comes before, during, and after we say Yes to salvation.

We celebrate the sacraments of Baptism of both adults and children and share Holy Communion with all because, this is God’s gift not ours. Lastly, we share our faith in Jesus Christ through social justice. We become the voice for the voiceless. We also believe that God has given us the free will to say yes to this free gift given to us through Christ Jesus.  This makes me continue to serve and to be faithful to God within the United Methodist Church!

Our District Celebration Days (District Conferences) are nearing. I can’t wait to see you all there! This year, I invite everyone to come and celebrate with us at these three events (Frankfort, Anderson and Fishers). In this newsletter, you will read the details of the invitations of the upcoming District Conferences where we will celebrate four initiatives (Serving those in Recovery, Empathizing with youth and children, welcoming new Americans by opening anew Korean Church). You will be blessed. You can’t miss this!

Please remember to bring your giving/contributions towards Bishop Trimble’s Missional Challenge of giving towards the support of Africa University Scholarships. Some of your churches have already given towards this. Thank you! We plan to give a generous offering toward this missional challenge during our District Conference! Please pray and bring your offering towards the support of this challenge!

Thank you for your faithful service and community engagement!

God is still doing miracles in our neighborhoods! Glory be to God! Hallelujah!

Servig you all!

Rev. Dr. Saneta Maiko