Urban Transitional Community Matching Grant

Matching grants up to $25,000 are offered by the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church based on the criteria established in the INUMC Urban Ministry Comprehensive Plan. The match for grants is 5:1, and you must demonstrate the church’s ability to match 20% of the grant amount. The general policy will be for grant money to be distributed in installments. Depending on the size and purpose of the grant, if the recipient can demonstrate an immediate need, it is possible for the grant to be distributed in one lump sum. Before applying for a matching grant, applicants should read and be familiar with the INUMC Urban Ministry Comprehensive Plan.

In order to qualify for a matching grant, the applicant must be an Indiana United Methodist Church or United Methodist Faith Community located within an urban center greater than 50,000 people, with:

  • A high population density
  • Cultural and socio-economic diversity
  • A variety of family structures and household configurations
  • A concentration of infrastructures (government, financial institutions, employers, and schools)
Based on the INUMC Urban Ministry Comprehensive Plan, Urban Ministry Grant requests must fall into one or more of the following areas:
  • Establishment of New and Renewed Faith Communities (New faith community should also check with Church Development for possible funding.)
  • Investment in Community and Leadership Development
  • Engagement with Community Organizing Efforts
  • Commitment to Ministries of Justice and Compassion
Approval of this grant is made by the Conference’s Mission and Justice Grant Committee with final approval by the Indiana UMC Cabinet. 


You should plan on taking approximately 6 months to gather the information and supporting documentation needed for an application.


The application process will begin by the church or faith community submitting a “Notice of Intention to Apply.” The purpose of the Notice of Intention to Apply is to notify the grant committee of your intention to apply, and it also helps the grant committee to confirm that your application meets the criteria of the grant. If criteria is met, you will be invited to participate in a grant interview and possible site visit. The Notice of Intention to Apply can be submitted on the form below and contains the following four sections:

  1. Proposed Initiative
  2. Target Population
  3. Proposed Goals
  4. Proposed Plan of action
It is okay if your final grant proposal does not have some of the elements in your initial abstract.


A grant interview will be conducted with the grant applicant by a conference grant team member, Conference superintendent, and an additional member from the Cabinet. Please be prepared to discuss and/or illustrate the following areas for a grant interview:
  • Church leadership and congregational support for the project with signed letters of support from church council along with minutes of meetings showing where the proposal has been thoroughly and thoughtfully discussed
  • Community support for the ministry project (letters, short videos, or other means of support from community ministry partners will be considered a plus)
  • How this grant proposal will help transform the community (milestones and benchmarks)
  • How this grant will engage the church in ministry WITH people in the community
  • Sources of funding for the church’s portion of the grant match
  • A plan for sustainability
  • Staff time and internships can be included, but there must be a plan for sustainability after the grant runs out
  • Proof that your conference superintendent is aware
  • Indication of thoughtful engagement of urban ministry