Bishop’s Christmas Offering Grant

The Bishop’s Christmas Offering for Children is collected each year by participating Indiana churches. This annual offering seeks to strengthen ministries around the world by providing financial support in their efforts to reach out to and improve the lives of young people.

Funds raised through the Bishop’s Christmas Offering will go toward the following ministry opportunities:

  • The Indiana Conference Camping program will receive 20 percent to go to first-time campers and children in need;
  • The three Indiana United Methodist-related children and youth homes will receive 20 percent;
  • United Methodist Advance Projects (national and global) will receive 20 percent;
  • Bishop’s fund for emergency children’s projects and the promotion of this offering will receive 20 percent
  • Local outreach projects will receive 20 percent

Local outreach projects are selected through a grant application process.

The criteria for Indiana-based ministries applying for grants include:

  • Ministries seeking this grant must have a connection to the work of the United Methodist Church either directly by use of the building or members or boards; or indirectly as partners with other faith-based community groups
  • Diversity in people served and location
  • Ministries will not be eligible for a grant for more than two consecutive years
  • Grants are provided to help give the ministry a “boost” and is not intended to support the day-to-day operations (i.e funding for the food used in feeding programs) or staff compensation.
  • Grant funds are to directly benefit children, 18 years-old and under

Applications are accepted from February 1 to February 28 annually.