Add a little “dynamite” to your prayer life!

Do you believe in the power of prayer? I do. Not only because of what the Bible says about it, but also because I have personally experienced the power of prayer and have seen its power demonstrated in other people and churches. Bishop Julius Trimble, resident Bishop of the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church, frequently reminds us that our first order of business is prayer. He goes on to say, “No prayer, no power. Little prayer, little power. Big prayer, big power!”

This month, the Indiana Conference is encouraging churches to add “dynamite” to their members’ prayer lives by encouraging them use Sue Nilson Kibbey and Rosario Picardo’s book, Dynamite Prayer: A 28 Day Experiment. A description of this book says, “This 28-day adventure will take you from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and uninspired to curious and expectant as you surrender your own preferences and ideas and courageously follow the miracles God brings into your life.”

Indiana churches can purchase the ten or more copies of the book for 50% off the list price. Just contact me ( for the special code you can use when purchasing your copies.

Our Conference has been in a season of “breakthrough” prayer, praying for God to breakthrough our congregations and personal lives to help us know our next steps. This invitation to use the Dynamite Prayer: A 28 Day Experiment is a next step in this effort. Won’t you and your congregation join us? My prayer is that you will!

 Ed Fenstermacher, Associate Director of Church Development

P.S. If your church isn’t ready to add dynamite to its prayer life this month, consider using it next month or during Lent or some other time!