Invitation for Pastors: Personal Spiritual Retreats

Created 7/9/2018, Updated 1/26/2023

As a ministry we understand that pastors need time away in order to refresh. We want to be the place of choice for pastors to find a place to refresh, renew, and reconnect with God.  We hope to see you soon.  Contact each site or Emily Burkhart at the conference office. All UMC pastors are eligible to participate. A personal spiritual retreat is:

  • One pastor and spouse
  • No longer than one business week (5 days).
  • Monday through Friday, weekends if available.
  • In the lodging accommodations that best suit the needs of the camp at the time.
  • 3-5 day retreat will be $50.
  • 1-2 day retreat will be $25.

Pastor will need to:

  • Provide their own meals.
  • Provide their own linens (unless otherwise specified).
  • Provide their own towels (unless otherwise specified).
  • Provide their own pillows & blankets.

Meals can be purchased if we are fixing meals for other groups.

A group of pastors meeting together does not constitute a personal spiritual retreat.

Program activities can be purchased if we already have a group that is using those facilities.

At Epworth Forest (all year – cannot book more than 4 weeks ahead), Camp Indicoso (April-Oct), Camp Rivervale (Aug-May) Camp Lakewood (Year Round, Contact for Availability), Pine Creek Camp (April-Oct),  Camp Adventure (May-Oct), Camp Moneto (April-Oct). 

Availability is always at each site’s Manager discretion.