Ending Gun Violence is Our Prayer

Gun Violence is strain and drain on society as a whole; however, the trauma and devastation happens in communities where we live and call home. There has been yet another mass shooting in our country, even in our home state. Muncie, Indiana, has been added to the list of places where beloved people of God have been victimized by gun violence. 

In the United States, approximately 360 people are shot every day with—on average—over 100 deaths. Researchers estimate gun violence costs the United States economy $229 billion in medical care.

Lord, God, Help us resist the temptation to accept that the death of innocent people is anything but contrary to your will and the way we want to live in a civilized society. Bring healing and unity to Muncie. Bless those who are doing their best to save lives in the hospitals and pursue beloved community in the area. Make us instruments of your healing and advocates for ending gun violence today and tomorrow.

According to a recent article from Church & Society of The United Methodist Church, “All violence is detestable, but guns make violence more deadly and more frequent.” The United Methodist Church urges congregations to advocate at the local and national level for laws that prevent or reduce gun violence.

Praying Our Way Forward,

Bishop Julius C. Trimble

Resident Bishop

Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church