2023 Becky Lynn Archives Grants

To honor the memory of Rebecca Lynn Stowe Bosley, her parents, Richard and Eleanor Stowe, have established a one-time series of small grants to Indiana United Methodist churches for initiating or strengthening their programs of history through the purchase of archival furnishings or supplies or other more imaginative use of the funds. 

Eligibility:  any local United Methodist church or charge currently in operation in the Indiana Annual Conference.  Disaffiliated churches may also apply.  Preference will be given to congregations with a member who belongs to the Indiana UM Historical Society on the date the application is submitted.

Applications:  An application is to be a simple statement (three pages or less, double-spaced).   A sample narrative might describe

                  —the church’s efforts to preserve and display its history

                  —the expenditure(s) which would move it past some problem which is impeding its program of history

                  —the reasons that the local church is unable to fund this need itself.

Supporting materials:  a small number of photographs or documents may be attached to the application with labels or identification.  These will not be returned.

Grant amounts:  $250 to $1000;  the application should state the amount requested as a grant (however, the grantor may award more or less based on the apparent need and available funds).

Applicant:  the application may be submitted by the church historian or archivist, the lay leader, a trustee, or any other member(s) of the church.  The applicant should sign  and give her/his title, mailing address, and telephone number.  All applications must be countersigned by the pastor and the chair of the church council affirming that the grant is needed and would be used in the manner described.

Deadline for submission:  Feb. 28, 2023

Date to announce successful applicants and begin making Becky Lynn awards:   April 10, 2023 (the 6th was Rebecca’s birthday).

Additional information:  Richard Stowe