INUMC Pastor Selected to Pray at NASCAR Cup Series Race

The engines will be roaring at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the weekend of July 30–31, 2022, for the NASCAR Cup Series Race. Rev. Kent Lundy, UMC elder serving in extension ministry as Wing Chaplain to the 181st Intelligence Wing (IN Air National Guard) in Terre Haute, was selected to offer prayer at the event. 

Kent will be praying twice; Once in the morning before the Indycar Series, and again in the afternoon before the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

It is his first time attending the events. “I’m incredibly honored,” he said. “I remember as a kid in Wichita, Kansas, coming home from church and watching racing on TV with a dream of attending someday. It’s a dream come true to participate in an Indy Car Race.”

It’s an honor for him, and he wants to make sure he represents his faith well. “I have only 30 seconds to tell the world and make a witness for Christ,” he said.

As he prays, Kent intends to name several important themes. Naturally, he plans to pray for the safety of the drivers and the pit crews. He also will pray for all who were affected by the shooting at Greenwood Mall on July 17. The prayer will also bring to the forefront the unseen servants among us, who often are taken for granted and unremembered, such as the clean-up teams that will be hard at work long after the crowds have dispersed. 

As Kent represents the UMC and the Church broadly, he hopes his prayer leadership can bring awareness to extension ministry and military chaplaincy, including the Air Force Chaplain Candidate Program. This program is an opportunity for seminary and other professional religious school students to evaluate their compatibility and potential for commissioning as an Air Force Chaplain.

Tune in to WTHR Channel 13 (NBC) at noon on Saturday, July 30, for the televised race and activities.