Enright, John

JOHN ENRIGHT, 67, missionary working with The United Methodist Church in Africa, died Tuesday, December 26, 2017, in a vehicle accident. His wife, Kendra, who was also involved in the accident, is recovering at home. John was a graduate of Ball State University.

John and Kendra have been serving as missionaries in Africa since 1973. Their ministerial work included evangelism, church construction, agriculture, airplane piloting, and teaching, among other services. The Enrights started the Kafakumba Training Center in 1998. Their work has led them to Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Zambia.

A funeral service was held January 2 at the Kafakumba Training Center in Zambia. 

John is survived by his wife Kendra Enright; two sons, Brian and Nathan Enright. 

Memorial donations may be made to the Kafakumba Training Center, or the Enright Flight Ministry, 1919 Jackson Lane, Port Orange, FL 32128. Please designate “John Enright Memorial” on your check or donation.

Prayers for the Enright family and friends are highly encouraged. An obituary on the life and contributions of John Enright can be found at www.daily-mail.co.