UMW SW District

The United Methodist Women have elected the following officers for 2018:

President: Margaret Dennis 812-858-1987 / 812-604-5995

VP: Pamela Rhodes 812-204-5724

Secretary: Lana DEan 812-205-7585

Treasurer: Mary Lich 812-254-1805

Sec of Program Resources: Jerrianne Bonenberger 812-431-8060

Spiritual growth: Irene Callis 812-897-1404 / 812-217-6519

Mission Coordinator for Education and interpretation Janet Sellers 812-499-9118

Membership nurture and outreach: Carolyn Ellis  812-890-7455

Social action: Jacque Hardin 812-204-4088

Communications coordinator: Ruth Salley 812-490-9172

Chairperson, Committee on Nominations:  Ellen Hill 812-887-4284

Nominating Committee:  Marianne Hahn: 812-568-8337 and 

                                        Lindy Floyd 812-781-0263


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Conference UMW news for September 2018


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