Training and Resources

March 4, 2018

District Conference Slideshow
Full West District Budget for 2019


Below are videos of the sessions at the Re-Shaped Conference, held April 30th, 2016 at Mt. Pleasant UMC.

VIDEO LINK: Ministry Effectiveness with Kevin Drane

VIDEO LINK: Creative Worship with Jason Moore

VIDEO LINK: Reshape Your Story with Ben Cassiday and Don Ransford

VIDEO LINK: Staff Parish Relations Training Part 1 with Ann Handschu

VIDEO LINK: Staff Parish Relations Training Part 2 with Ann Handschu





Safe Sanctuaries in the West District

Reducing the Risk of Abuse In the Local Church:
Information and Guidelines For Becoming Safe Sanctuaries
For Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults

Click here to download this workbook!



Resources for Anti-Racism education for our churches:


Resources for blending generations in worship settings: (a dissertation on the issue)


Resources for churches wanting to be more inclusive of people with many kinds of disabilities: (United Methodist Implementation of the Americans with Disabilites Act.)

Contact Beth DeHoff -


Resources for Native American Ministries:

Contact Linda Madagame -


Resources for Immigrant Rights:

Contact Matt Landry -


Resources for Creation Care:

Contact Amy Barnes -


Resources for Health Care:

Faith Values and Responsibility in Health Care Reform