Student Leadership Academy





July 9-21, 2017

University of Indianapolis

1400 E Hanna Ave.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227



Student Leadership Summer Academy Needs You! from Indiana Conference UMC on Vimeo.


If you feel like God may be calling you to some form of ministry, then this program is the best way you could spend part of your summer.

The Student Leadership Summer Academy is a 12 day event designed with one primary purpose in mind: to help high school students discern where God is calling them to put their skills, passions, and talents to work in the world, particularly in the work of the Church. This program is for any high school student (including those who will have just graduated) that is interested in going into church ministry. This could mean as a pastor, a worship leader, a youth or children’s ministry leader, a missionary, a hospital chaplain, a university chaplain or campus minister, etc.

Led by University of Indianapolis faculty and staff, as well as professors from nearby seminaries, up to 40 high school students will be engaging in worship, study, service projects, discussions, and numerous activities all designed to help each student figure out how God is calling them to use their gifts in service through the Church. This program is open to students from any denomination or church tradition (including non-denominational churches).

Each day we will begin with breakfast and worship together, followed by a worship service. There will be lectures by theologians, small group discussions, workshops led by career counselors, pastors, non-profit organizations and business leaders to help you develop your skills and talents, discussions with pastors, faculty and staff, breaks for relaxation and fun, meals together to talk about life, and more. We will close each day with a worship service designed to bring together everything you have experienced that day. Evening activities will involve even more opportunities to get to know your fellow students in more relaxed settings. Students and small group leaders (U Indy staff, youth leaders, and college students) will live on campus in an intentional community, supporting, encouraging, and learning from each other.

If you feel like God is calling you to work for the Church in any way, we encourage you to apply! This program will help you figure out just where and how you can put your talents to work in God’s Kingdom. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Rev. Corey Howard, at or (317) 791-5918.

Dates and Info:

July 9-21, 2017

University of Indianapolis campus

Cost: $125

Students selected by application. For your application email 

Applications open soon, Deadline 4/3/17

Contact Rev. Corey Howard with any questions., (317) 791-5918