Student Leadership Academy

Fall Retreat  

November 17-19, 2017

University of Indianapolis

1400 E Hanna Ave.
Indianapolis, Indiana 46227


What is the Academy?

The Student Leadership Academy Fall Retreat is a weekend retreat for high school youth (grades 9-12) to explore what they are passionate about, what problems in the world get them fired up, what gifts and tools God has given them, and what amazing ideas they have now for sharing Christ's love.  Recommend a high school student leader from your church for an empowering weekend that emphasizes God's calling in his or her life both now and in any future vocation.  


Date: November 17-19, 2017
University of Indianapolis
Program cost:
 $50 - includes all meals and lodging at a nearby church 

Registration Information - Click Here 



Contact Rev. Corey Howard at or 317-591-7918 or Emily Krach at or 317-564-2582 for more information.


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