Retiree Story Submission Guidelines

As the Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church continues to seek ways in which to uplift our ministry in Indiana and abroad, it is vitally important to celebrate the ministry of those who have helped connect the Church to our members and new people throughout their service in ministry. As we prepare to lead into Annual Conference the Office of Communications, in partnership with Bishop Trimble; the Extended Cabinet; and the Executive Committee on Annual Conference, invites each of our retiring clergy members to share the story of their life in professional ministry as a part of our 2018 Program and Worship Guide. These stories will also be included in our official record, the Conference Journal. All stories must be submitted by April 25, 2018, at or via email at You may also mail the attached form to the following:

INUMC Office of Communications 
Attn: Retiree Stories
301 Pennsylvania Parkway, Ste. 300
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Should you have questions, please contact Skyler Nimmons, Communications Director, at or at 317.924.1321.

Story Submission Guidelines:

The Retiree Ministry Story is meant to be a brief narrative of what was life-giving or transforming to you, your family, and/or those you served alongside in your ministry career. This is an opportunity to remember those who cared for you or your loved ones through a trying time in life. This might also be a time to share a unique ministry interest that developed throughout your career (i.e. a discovery of a gift for counseling/mentoring, a specific missional passion, a unique relationship established in the community). Simply, this is an opportunity to lift up the legacy that you developed and hope to be remembered for as you enter into this next phase of ministry, through retirement, as the Call continues. 

Word Limit: 350 to 400 words per person. 

Writers: You are encouraged to write this yourself. However, you might also invite a family member, ministry colleague, or former parishioner to write about you in a narrative second or third person account. 

Ministerial Appointment Resume: Each person submitting their request for retirement prior to April 1, 2018 will be listed in the booklet with their retirement story (if submitted by the deadline of April 25) and each person will have a list of their ministerial appointments as recorded in Shelby (our central database)

Pictures: As we continue to use multimedia in our Annual Conference reporting please provide pictures as you are able in the scope of the following: current picture, picture from the early years of your ministry, a picture that reminds you of your call or the place where you first experienced your call, a picture of a memorable ministry moment, or a photo of shared moment with a friend, colleague, or congregant who played a significant part in your Call or helped to shape your spirituality/ministry. 



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