2016 Priorities

The Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church (INUMC) Board of Laity has chosen several priorities for the 2015 year.  These items center on cultivating the call of the laity to build the leadership of our United Methodist Churches. The four priorities of the Board of Laity are as follows:

Training of Local Church Leaders:

  • Collaboration between District Superintendents and District Lay Leaders
  • Collaboration of District Lay Leaders and Lay Servant Ministries
  • Training on the meaning and responsibilities behind the position of lay leader

Increasing Communication (regarding):

  • Opportunities for training
  • General information
  • Opportunities of resources (speakers, programs, etc.)
  • Better communication with the Cabinet of INUMC District Superintendents

Create uniformity of all Laity (trainings, etc.)

  • Discovering how to meet the needs of laity throughout the conference

Celebrate the ministries of Laity

  • Empowering individuals identified as lay persons and the ministries they undertake

The Board is excited to work in these areas to promote the development of fruitful leadership within the Indiana United Methodist Church. 


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