Day Six, Monday May 25, 2015

“Share Your Story Through Community Outreach”

Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.
– Galatians 1:2 NRSV

One way to develop stories of Jesus working in your life is to share your time, talents, finances, testimony, and wisdom with people in need of your help. In the process, you will strengthen your own faith and be blessed.

“New neighbors moved into our condo division. My grandchildren, who lived next door to me, began playing together with the children. The boys asked to go with us to church since their mother worked every Sunday. They only had one relative living in the city and he soon moved out of state. The mother experienced a life which would make a horror movie seem mild. Within a few months, the mother began calling me ‘Ma’ and the boys called me ‘Grandma’. Then my daughter moved an hour away. This mother, with her two boys, and I have become a happy family which benefits all of us. I shared my stories of faith with them and now they are developing their own faith stories to share with others.

Not only was I able to help this family, but they taught me many life lessons I needed to learn. They have taken care of me during times of my sickness and shared celebrations with me. Looking at the Christian life through the eyes of people who had few experiences in ‘church,’ has been rewarding for all of us. Their faith is growing exponentially because they are grateful for the forgiveness, grace, love, and wisdom of God.”
I just shared my little story. What are your excuses to be quiet? Are you too shy to tell anyone because you aren’t sure if the story is from God or coincidence? Maybe you don’t want to impose your religion on anyone for fear they would reject you?
Think about stories you can share. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you can’t be quiet. You have an urgency to declare how awesome and amazing the Trinity utilizes your time, talent, and money for his glory. Don’t whisper…shout praises to God for his gracious, loving involvement in your life. Share your Christian love to build bridges of friendships, healings, hope, and fond memories.


Jesus, giver of love and forgiveness, I praise You and adore You. Please open doors of opportunities to share my faith stories with people in the Indianapolis area and home. Let the ripple effect take hold to change negative hearts to be receptive to You.

I ask for the crime rate to diminish in Indianapolis and have a chain reaction across the state and nation. I pray for prosperity to come to Indiana so Christians can fund projects to equip more people in missions and other outreaches.

Open my ears to hear You and my eyes to observe You interacting in my life. Please bless me to be a blessing to others in need. I ask this prayer in the name of my great teacher, Jesus Christ. Amen.