Day One, Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Personal Vision for 2015 Indiana Conference
of The United Methodist Church

I experienced a vision that as United Methodist people drove to Indianapolis for the 2015 Indiana United Methodist Annual Conference from all corners of the state, streams of light representing the Light of Christ focused and flooded the heart of Indiana.  As heaven opened and God poured radiant rays of Glory toward the Indiana Convention Center we were given all that was needed.  We just ask and will receive as Jesus knows we Methodists are connected to the heart of God. 

The Glory encompassed all who entered the Conference.  During the conference people were inspired with new ideas to implement in their churches that will impact their communities.  People experienced healing of memories, forgiveness, and physical ailments. They were released to achieve their godly purposes in life.  Unity, respect, and love overcame obstacles. Favor and blessings flowed freely like a river.

That Glory remained with people as people leaving the conference traveled back with them throughout the state.  When the light of Christ and the Glory of God were mixed with the fire of the Holy Spirit, fires of revival ignited throughout the state of Indiana. Lives were changed.  People shared their stories so more people joined the revival. The fires spread when people united in their communities to win hearts for Jesus. To God be all honor and glory for this vision.


Lord God Almighty, we humbly come before your throne to ask for divine interaction in the 2015 Indiana United Methodist Annual Conference. We thank you that we carry the “Light of Christ” in this troubled world.  We ask that you open heaven and flood us with Your Glory.  We seek the fire anointing of the Holy Spirit to break chains that cripple people. Set us free to be the Godly people you have called us all to be.  Please fill us. Nurture us. Enlighten us. Empower us to do your work in our communities. Thank you for impacting this conference to achieve a story sharing standard for people to remember. We ask this prayer in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!

Vision by Ruth Esther Vawter April 30, 2015