I am still getting emails about the decision of the General Commission on the General Conference to deny a display area for the "Discovery Institute" at General Conference. Those emails amaze me, since I have had NOTHING to do with that decision. I do support allowing those we have elected (the General Commission) to make such decisions. I don't have time or interest in being involved in deciding about vendors and displays, and yet I am getting lots of angry emails accusing me of being close-minded, afraid of thinking about science and theology, etc.

Recently I have also received dozens of emails from scientists all over the world who are commending me for the decision to deny what they call the "pseudo-science" and "misleading information" of the Discovery Institute. While it is nice to be commended, those persons are also missing the point that I have had NOTHING to do with the decisions about vendors at General Conference.

Now the latest attacks coming to my Inbox are that I have called the Discovery Institute people "bastards" – a word I have not used and do not use for anyone. That attack is based upon the fact that a clergy colleague sent me a message on Twitter which is a Latin phrase that literally means "don't be ground down by illegitimate concerns". – but which some crudely translate as "don't let the bastards get you down." Knowing the intended humor of my clergy colleague, I responded to him with a smiley face. That is being taken by some as an indication that I am name-calling people who disagree with me. Wow! There is no way for me to prove the negative – that I have not called anyone by that term – so I am not sure how to respond to those attacks.

I can only affirm that my E-pistle from last week still applies: we need to follow the Biblical admonition, "Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and even slower to anger."

This week I would add the admonition, "Don't hit the SEND button before you know the facts." Or perhaps the best admonition is the Golden Rule from Jesus: "do unto others as you would have them do unto do" (Matthew 7:12).