Our "Building Discipleship Centers" Campaign continues to move forward, and the results are a witness to the generosity of United Methodists in Indiana. To date we have received $5,770,688 in cash (these funds are being housed at the Foundation), with an additional $2,040,996 in pledges. This total of $7,811,684 represents 72.7% of what is needed to accomplish all of our goals – the new Discipleship Center at Epworth Forest, the new lake project at Camp Indicoso, the Buck Lodge at Epworth Forest, and the Camp Scholarship Fund. This is wonderful success, already, and more gifts and pledges are coming in every week. On Friday night of this year's Session (June 10th) there will be a special opportunity for everyone to share their gifts, pledges, and prayers.

I am so grateful for ALL OF THE GIFTS which are helping this campaign.

Ryan Gernard (whom we all know as "Gern") is the senior camp staff person in charge of promotion, and he also serves on the "Building Discipleship Centers" Campaign. In that role, Gern has been working with the Camp Board and the Campaign team to develop a plan for naming tributes in honor of our leading donors. Here is the initial list he has developed, along with several additional items available for other donors who are considering gifts:

Epworth Discipleship Center

Area Given by and Named for:

Auditorium Rick and Vicki James Family
Center for Young Leaders Connie Fulmer in memory of Craig
Prefunction Space Dan Evans and IU Health
Indoor Stage available ($500,000 needed)
Tech Center John & Diane Schroeder
Outdoor Stage Doug and Marsha Worthington
Outdoor Fire Circle available ($150,000 needed)
Porch Dar and Dot Weikamp family
Historical Center Coyner Family in memory of Jake and Nina
Fireplace available ($50,000 needed)
Green Room available ($25,000 needed)
Mother’s Room available ($25,000 needed)

Buck Lodge at Epworth Forest

Area Given by and Named for:

Lodge Name Sonrise Community UMC
Common Area Auburn First UMC
Bedroom 1 available ($50,000 needed)
Bedroom 2 available ($50,000 needed)
Bedroom 3 available ($50,000 needed)
Bedroom 4 available ($50,000 needed)
Bedroom 5 available ($50,000 needed)
Bedroom 6 available ($50,000 needed)
Bedroom 7 available ($50,000 needed)
Bedroom 8 available ($50,000 needed)
Kitchen Yorktown UMC
Porch Steve & Gayle Gernand
Fireplace Lucille Harris

Lake Project at Camp Indicoso

Area Given by and Named for:

Lake Name available ($500,000 needed)
Beach available ($100,000 needed)

Pell Lodge at Epworth Forest

Transform into a housing lodge available ($500,000 needed to rename)

Site Tribute Recognitions

Level of Giving Gift Description

  • Platinum Leaf – $10,000 – Leaf on donor tree at camp site of their choosing
  • Gold Leaf – $5,000 – Leaf on donor tree at camp site of their choosing
  • Silver Leaf – $2,500 – Leaf on donor tree at camp site of their choosing
  • Bronze Leaf – $1,000 – Leaf on donor tree at camp site of their choosing
  • Brick – $500 – Brick at fire circle at camp site of their choosing