In the aftermath of another mass shooting, we grieve with the people of Florida who have lost loved ones, and we pray for healing and hope in the midst of this tragedy.  

We are always tempted to look for answers or for blame, and this shooting may turn out to be domestic terrorism, violence aimed against gay and lesbians, or just the mindless act of a person filled with hatred.  Finding the cause or the blame is important, but it is even more important that we don't let hatred win.

If we respond to hatred and violence with our own hatred and violence, then we have lost.  If we allow this terrible event to lead us toward more prejudice and more profiling of any religious group or ethnic group, then hatred has won.  

As Martin Luther King, Jr said, "Darkness cannot cast our darkness, only light can."  So let us seek the Light of Christ and his love, and let us make sure that hatred does not win.