The visit of Pope Francis to the USA was an amazing success. He came with a message to reaffirm the basic tenets of the Christian faith, but he shares that message in a way that models the style and Spirit of Jesus himself. His humility, his love of people, and his care for the church to be a place of hospitality – these are the qualities that make Francis such an attractive leader.

People of all faiths or of no faith respect the Pope, and he is called "The people's Pope" for good cause. His integrity, genuine love, and compassion simply shine through his manner and life.

I found it so refreshing to watch how people of various political and religious perspectives responded positively to him. Some of that may be a bit hypocritical, especially the way some politicians tried to use his words for their own agenda, but I believe the vast majority of people have a genuine appreciation for him.

As I reflected upon his visit, I found myself feeling PROUD to see a Christian leader demonstrate so clearly the Spirit of Christ. In the midst of all that is wrong with the church, with our society, and with our world, Pope Francis is a breath of fresh air.

Thank you. Thank you, Francis, for reminding us of what is right and good and life-giving about our Christian faith.