During this Holy Week we remember that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, the price of a human slave in those days. Even though Judas betrayed the location of Jesus and his disciples so that the authorities could arrest Jesus at night, Judas was certainly not the only betrayer. Simon Peter denied three times that he even knew Jesus. And right there in the middle of the story of Jesus' arrest it says, "then all of the disciples forsook Jesus and fled."

They all betrayed Jesus, they all ran away, they all denied him and left him alone.

And so do we. Our betrayal takes many different forms. Most of us don't betray Jesus in the same way that Judas or Peter or the other disciples did, but we find our ways to betray him. What are some of those ways? We refuse to live as disciples of Jesus. We turn to other ways and other values to guide our lives. We take Jesus for granted. We assume that we know the mind of Christ -- which usually turns out to reinforce our own opinions. We disobey the most basic command of Jesus that we love one another. We refuse to pray for our enemies. We build our life around our ego, own wisdom, our own preferences, and our own desires -- rather than following the model of Jesus on his last night when he prayed, "Thy will be done."

Mostly I guess we betray Jesus when we fail to accept the love, forgiveness, grace, new life, and Spiritual power that he offers to us. Imagine -- Jesus gave his life as a sacrificial offering for us, and then we refuse to accept his gift!

Judas found his price -- 30 pieces of silver. It is worth praying and reflecting this Holy Week on this question: What is our price? Popularity? Nationalism? Success? Wealth? Power? Respect? Comfort? Honors and titles?

No matter what our price, Jesus already paid that price and more. And he offers us a new opportunity to receive the gift of his sacrificial love this Holy Week and every week.

May we be found among those who are faithful.