Have you downloaded the new operating system yet? If you use Apple products like iPhone and iPad, you have probably received notice that the new iOS7 operating system is available. I finally downloaded that new system onto my iPhone and iPad this week, and it seems to work fine, faster, and with some new gadgets.

I was a bit reluctant to download the new operating system, because I was fearful it might have "bugs" or it might require me to learn something new! But I took the risk, and I am happy with the new operating system now.

All of which reminds me that we who follow Jesus are invited to "download" a new spiritual "operating system" in our lives. When we fully accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, we invite his Holy Spirit to become our new operating system. We yield our will, our ego, and our desires and allow Jesus to guide and direct our lives. That is scary, too, and we fear it might cause us to become some kind of religious "nut" or to lose ourselves. But in fact the new spiritual operating system from Jesus allows us to become the persons God intends us to be. Rather than losing ourselves, we find ourselves in Christ.

Let me offer a parallel example: Years ago my hometown had a little cafe downtown which had really bad food, unfriendly service and ugly decor. But many of us ate there because it was convenient. About 15 years later I was downtown and I decided to stop at the cafe (again because it was convenient), and it looked the same from the outside, but there was a little sign in the window which said "Under New Management." Upon entering I found the decor was not much different, but the staff was friendly, the service was prompt, and the food was actually good. Something had happened: new management.

We are offered "new management" or a "new operating system" in our lives. God's direction is available to us, if we will but yield to it.

If you have not yet (or not recently) allowed God's Spirit to guide your life, maybe today is the day. Download (through prayer) the new management and new operating system from God, and discover the person God can help you become in Christ.

God bless us all as we yield ourselves, our churches, our ministries, our families, and our nation to God's guidance.