Apparently, Google missed Easter. No, this is not an April Fool's Day Joke. Google, the amazing search engine that most people use on their computers and other devices, often chooses to make their "Google" into some design, which recognizes a holiday. But yesterday, Easter Sunday, Google chose to honor Cesar Chavez, rather than to honor Jesus or even the Easter holiday. Now it is true that March 31st was declared by President Obama a few years ago to be a day to honor Chavez, who led the struggle for agriculture workers to gain the rights that are typical for other labor union workers. But really, is that more important than Easter? Apparently, Google missed Easter.

The disciple Thomas also missed Easter. When the Risen Christ first appeared to the disciples, Thomas was absent, but Jesus gave him another chance and a week later when Jesus appeared again to the group, Thomas was present. This led to the whole exchange between Jesus and Thomas about believing without seeing. That is important, because all of us who follow Jesus today must believe without seeing.

Apparently, it is possible to miss Easter, to miss the meaning of Easter, and to miss the spiritual reality that is represented by our Easter faith. I fear that many persons who call themselves Christians today are still missing Easter, or taking it for granted, or simply letting it pass by in favor of other holidays or ordinary days.

In the Christian year, Easter is a whole season of 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday, so it is not too late. We are in the Easter season and we can still open our eyes, hearts, lives, and spirits to discover the living presence of the Risen Christ.

Don't miss Easter!

Bishop Michael J. Coyner,
Indiana Area of The United Methodist Church