Recently I was in communication with someone about an upcoming event where I am to speak. I was not quite sure where the time zone divides that part of Indiana, so I wrote to ask if their location is in the Central or Eastern time zone. The reply was probably a typo, but it caught my attention when it said, “We live on Easter time.”

What a wonderful image of our faith! All of us who follow Jesus and claim his promises should live our lives on “Easter time.” Here is how I would describe living on “Easter time”:

  • “Easter time” means knowing that God has been with us in the past, God is with us in the present, and so we can trust God to be with us in the future – no matter how much time we have.
  • “Easter time” means trusting that God controls the pace of our lives, and we are not bound by the clock, the calendar, the wristwatch, or the cell phone. God’s timing is often different than our times, so living on Easter time may have a different pace.
  • The “Easter time zone” is a place measured by Kairos time not Chronos time – so the Bible teaches us that God’s timing is very carefully chosen, especially when God chose to send his Son into the world at the “right time” (which is the meaning of Kairos time).
  • To live our lives on “Easter time” means that we know the issues, problems, fear, worries, heartaches, pains, and sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glory that will be revealed to us (Romans 8). We know that these present times – even with all of their problems – are relatively brief and insignificant compared to the long-term perspective of God’s eternity.
  • “Easter time” is any time that we open our lives to the living presence of God’s Spirit. At any moment of our human existence, we can catch a glimpse and experience for ourselves the reality of God’s timing. In our Cabinet meetings we call those moments “glory sightings” as we hear reports of what God is doing in our churches, in our conference, and in people’s lives. Any such glimpse of glory is a moment of living in Easter time.
  • Most importantly, “Easter time” is all about our Telos or purpose or final destination. We live in Easter time now as a kind of preparation for the end-result of a life of faith when we hope to hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” The only real evaluation that matters is that final evaluation and that final moment of grace when God receives us and God’s forgiveness completes all of the incomplete efforts of our lives. At such a moment, I believe, we will each discover the true meaning of a life lived on Easter time.

What time zone are you living in? Are you captive to Chronos time, always watching the clock, tied up with too much activity and too few results? Is your life just a passing array of hours, minutes, and seconds without any sense of purpose for your time? If so, then I invite you to live on “Easter time” and to discover what it could mean to know God’s timing, purpose, and love in your life.