By now I hope you have heard about Rejuvenate – our excellent ministry to help improve clergy leadership and congregational stewardship by doing three things: (1) helping our clergy get their own finances in order, (2) teaching clergy and lay leadership about stewardship, and (3) helping with various kind of emergencies for our clergy families – including medical emergencies. The Rejuvenate ministry began with the help of a grant from Lilly Endowment, and it is now housed with our Indiana United Methodist Foundation. Hundreds of clergy and laity have attended their stewardship training seminars, and dozens of clergy and their families have been helped with their education debt. 

In many ways the Lilly grant has helped us to offer “scholarships after the fact” to our clergy who received little or no scholarship help as they prepared for service in ministry. Now we are in the process of matching that Lilly Grant (we already have over $1 million in pledges and cash for that purpose), and these new monies will be used primarily to offer scholarships for the next generation of clergy leadership. 

Recently the Rejuvenate Committee (a committee now of the Foundation) has adopted a policy which seems like a brilliant kind of “win/win” policy to help everyone. Many local congregations have scholarships to help students preparing for ministry, and our Rejuvenate ministry has now approved matching those scholarships. So here is how it would work: your local church determines the worthiness of a student to receive one of your scholarships, and then you give that scholarship money through our Indiana Foundation, which will match the grant. That means a double benefit for those new young leaders!
So if your church has a scholarship fund for ministerial students, or if your church wants to start a scholarship fund for ministerial students, and if you want to get double the benefit for that scholarship, please contact our Rejuvenate Ministry at the Indiana Foundation – either call Michelle Cobb, the Rejuvenate Director at the Foundation, or Manet Shettle, the President of the Foundation, at (317) 788-7879.

Thanks for helping us nurture new young clergy leaders for our Indiana Conference.