I hope you don’t mind another story about one of my grandchildren. If you do mind, then stop reading now, because that is what this E-pistle is about.

This past Saturday evening, Marsha and I cared for Austin (almost 18 months old) while his parents went to an important business dinner event. Austin is starting to say a lot of words, as I have mentioned before, and one of his favorite words is “Wow!” He utters that word with great enthusiasm, so maybe I should spell it “WOW!” He says it in response to just about any new thing, any new photo, and even to things he already knows. He loves to have books read to him, and that is where he most often responds to the story with “WOW!” He also responds with “WOW!” when you point out the window to have him notice a bird flying over, or a car on the street, or just the rustling of the trees. At his age and stage of development, nearly everything is a “WOW!” to Austin.

I wonder, have we adults lost our sense of “WOW!” in life? Have we Christians lost our sense of “WOW!” about our faith? What would it take for us to recover or discover a sense of “WOW!” about life and faith?

Perhaps the place to start is by confessing how self-absorbed we have become with our own issues, our own value, our own attempts to be “good people” – rather than knowing, feeling, and sharing the “WOW!” of God’s grace.

I was with a church committee recently where I heard them asked why they have had so few persons in the category of “CF” – confessions faith or profession of faith, namely new persons to the faith. One woman on their committee honestly answered, “I think it is because we have been so absorbed with our church issues that we have neglected our faith issues. We need to be reminded that God’s love is a great, undeserved gift which we should be excited to express and to share.” Right! She named it beautifully and accurately. When we get focused on “church” rather than upon God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ, we can lose our “WOW!” about faith.

My prayer for all of us is this: Lord, help me to discover this week in a new way the “WOW!” of Your amazing grace in my life. Amen.