As we move toward January 1st and the launch of the New Year 2012, many will greet us with “Happy  New Year” – almost as if were a wish, or a blessing, or a hope. All of that is nice, but I want to say to myself and others, “Make it a Happy New Year.”  Don’t just wish for a Happy New Year – make it a Happy New Year.

I believe that the year 2012 will be mostly what we make of it.  We can choose to make it a new year, a fresh start, and a new beginning.  Or we can choose to have another year which is just “the usual.”  In some rare cases, we can even choose to have a miserable, unhappy, and unproductive new year.  I believe that having a Happy New Year is mostly our choice.

Of course there are tragic events and accidents which come along, and no one should be blamed for those unexpected events.  Accidents happen, and bad things do happen to good people.  Tragedies occur.  But even when such bad things occur, we can choose to look for the “good” in those bad things.  I have seen many, many persons deal with very tragic events in ways that are redeeming and inspiring.

A few years ago, I was visiting with a person who had been through a lot of tough times and transitions.  I made some unhelpful comment like, “That sounds miserable.”  He replied, ‘’Yes, but I believe misery is a choice, and I do not choose to be miserable about it.”  What a great attitude! 

What if this New Year will be what we choose to make of it?  What if our personal lives will be mostly what we decide they will be?  What if our own expectations and attitude have more to do with a Happy New Year than any particular “good luck” or favorable happenings?

So let’s go ahead and offer the greeting, “Happy New Year.”  And then let’s make it a Happy New Year.