Once again we have news of unspeakable acts of violence – this time in Norway of all places. The sad news from Oslo and the youth camp reminds us once again of the reality of evil and the presence of danger even in places which have been so apparently peaceful. We have a United Methodist presence in Norway, and already plans are set for a memorial service in Oslo to remember the victims.

How can we help? We can at least join in those prayers for the victims, their families, and all who are so obviously distressed by this terrible situation.

The Upper Room offers a resource called “Words of Comfort” and today’s prayer is so very appropriate:

Tender God
July 23, 2011

Tender God,
who embraces us with love,
through the ages
you have told us,
"Fear Not."
Whisper it again in our ears,
Write it on our hearts.

- George Graham

I ask that all of our United Methodist congregations in the Indiana Conference to please join in a time of prayer during your Sunday services tomorrow, July 24th, and in subsequent weeks for the people of Norway. Perhaps the prayer listed above called “Tender God” is a good place to start.