Did you watch the Masters golf tournament last weekend?  Even though I am not a golfer and even though I don’t normally watch golf on TV (it puts me to sleep), I found myself watching a little on Saturday and some more on Sunday.  The drama was obvious, the tight contest with several good players in contention was compelling, and of course the return of Tiger Woods captured much attention.  So I watched.

I found myself hoping that Tiger would do well after his 5 month absence from competitive golf.  But I also found myself captivated by the Phil Mickelson story.  Watching his long hug with his wife after he won the tournament was beautiful.  Knowing that Phil had been absent from the golf tour much of the last year to support his wife and his mother – who are both battling breast cancer – made his victory very sweet.

One of the TV commentators this week looked back on the whole Masters tournament and said, “Tiger Woods could learn a lot about marriage and family from Phil Mickelson.”

I don’t know either golfer personally, and I do not wish Tiger ill, but I agree with that comment.  I am sure that Phil has his human side, too, but hearing about his faithful support of his wife and mom, seeing his wife’s reaction to this victory, and hearing Phil’s comments about what this all means to him – that was pretty good TV, even for a golf tournament.

There are lessons to be learned all around us in life.  This past weekend, the lesson was about family, fidelity, and faith.

It was truly a tale of two golfers, but it was much more.