One of my favorite Bible stories is from Mark 2 where Jesus is teaching a large crowd gathered around him in a home, so large that a group of men bringing their paralyzed friend for healing must climb the outer stairs onto the rooftop and lower their friend on a stretcher to Jesus. It says in the text that “when Jesus saw their faith” (the faith of the friends), he then proceeded to forgive and to heal the paralyzed man. This text reminds us of the power of Jesus to heal and to forgive, and it is also a powerful reminder about carrying one another in faith.

Most of us have had times in our lives when we helped to “carry” another person in our prayers or literally to get help. Many of us have had times when we were the one being carried by the faith of others. Somehow the Christian community is a place where we are meant to carry one another in faith to Jesus.

In the recent days, my wife Marsha and I have experienced being carried in faith by so many people in the aftermath of the deaths of Marsha’s mother in April and her father in July. We have been overwhelmed by cards, e-mails, phone calls, and the loving care of so many people … too numerous to count, let alone thank by name here. Many of those cards have been from groups of people in our local congregations in Indiana who surely do not all know us personally, and yet they have taken the time to write, to express condolences, and to pray.

It is a powerful and humbling feeling to know that we are being carried in faith.

So, thank you. Thank you for being the caring people of Indiana and beyond who have expressed your faith, your love, and your compassion. Marsha and I both feel your support.

Keep on being the Christian community. Keep on carrying one another in faith.