Process for submitting petitions to General and Jurisdictional Conference

This year’s deadline to submit petitions is February 27. Please send your petition by email to Ruth Ellen Needler (

From the Indiana Annual Conference Rules and Structure Document:

Petitions for General and Jurisdictional Conference provide all members of United Methodist churches, as well as organizations within the Indiana Conference, the opportunity to engage the members of the Annual Conference and the larger church. These petitions must be submitted to the Annual Conference Secretary no later than 90 days prior to the Annual Conference session.

In order to be forwarded to General or Jurisdictional Conference, each petition must deal with only one issue or Disciplinary paragraph, and must be signed by the submitter with appropriate identification, including address and local church affiliation. If it is from an organization, the identification must be that of a responsible individual within the submitting organization and include address information for that individual.

Petitions, as submitted, become the property of the Annual Conference, and as such, may be amended by action of the Annual Conference. Petitions affirmed by the Annual Conference will be forwarded to the appropriate entity. Petitions submitted to General Conference must follow guidelines provided by the General Conference Secretary.