MEF (Ministerial Education Fund) Scholarship

Available to Certified Candidates attending University Senate approved seminaries. Applicants must be certified candidates in the Indiana Annual Conference. Download application - PDF form (7 pgs)

Other Ministerial Scholarships

The scholarships listed below are for Indiana Conference Ministerial Students on the ordination track. Applicant must be a certified candidate to apply. Please return completed applications by March 1 for Fall Semester or September 1 for Spring Semester. Click here for the Universal Scholarship Application.

Scholarships Designated for Any Ministerial Candidate

  • Albright Scholarship
  • Michael Anderson Scholarship
  • Lesh Trust
  • Indiana Conference Leadership Scholarship
  • Soliday-Owen Scholarship
  • Stair Trust
  • Van Fliet Scholarship

Scholarships Designated for Specific Ministerial Candidates

  • Berkey Scholarship (Female Ministerial Student)
  • Draper Scholarship (Ministerial or Missionary Student)
  • Hanson Memorial Scholarship (Ministerial Students from the Central District)
  • Hartman (Post Graduate Seminary Debt Reduction)
  • Helen Seitz (Ministerial Student in Christian Education)
  • Irma Scott (Ministerial students enrolled at Garrett)
  • Jacob Williams (Ethnic Minority Ministerial Student)
  • Josephine Campbell Huffer (Female Ministerial Student-$500)
  • Marie Phillips Scholarship (Female Ministerial Student)
  • Ralph Karstedt Scholarship (Ministerial Student with a Disability)

Fund for Theological Education (FTE) Calling Congregations

The Fund for Theological Education (FTE) Calling Congregations announces grant awards of $5,000 to $12,000 to help congregations cultivate a strong sense of Christian vocation and the call to ministry among young people. To learn more, visit Grants for congregations or contact FTE via e-mail at 

General Board of Higher Education Scholarships and Loans

The General Board of Higher Education and Ministry offers loans and scholarships for members of The United Methodist Church who are attending any accredited institution. It is not necessary to attend a United Methodist school in order to qualify for a loan or scholarship. Click here for more info on college scholarships and application process. Also click on the Fund for Theological Education site.