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April is here with cold, rain, sunshine and occasional warmth!
On Palm Sunday the teenagers put on for us a play, "The Case of the Conspicuous
 Cross."  In that play they learned that if one tries to walk with Jesus, sometimes others will not
like it.  But Jesus will be with you in your walk through life.
On Easter, the younger children got to put on The Easter Pageant, "The Seven Last Words of
 Christ." As each of the "words" were expressed, a child would bring flowers up to decorate a
cross at the front of the sanctuary, so that when they were finished the cross would be
completely covered with flowers.
Thirteen of Covenant Partners' teens, plus two adults, had the experience of attending "Acquire
 the Fire" at Ball State the weekend after Easter. Sunday evening at our worship service they
 took turns telling what they had learned. Pastor Linda says, "Amazingly, they actually 'got it'
-they really did understand the messages presented!"
These are some of the good things happening with our youth, that we all have reason to be
 happy about. And especially Pastor Linda, the Sunday school teachers, and all the parents and
 people from other churches who have helped with money, food, and all the other kinds of
 support which this ministry needs.
Thanks to the outpouring of assistance from individuals and churches last month, we were able in March
both to meet our payroll and to pay our utility bills. At the meeting on May 4 of our Support Team (which used to call itself "The Covenant Partners Steering Committee") our treasurer reported that we were not only paid up to that date but actually had $13.88 left in the bank! There seems to be wider awareness now of what it costs to fund this ministry. For example one couple has committed themselves to pay Covenant Partners' monthly water bill and copier payment. And one more church has decided to write Covenant Partners as a monthly line item into its Missions budget. Commitments like these really help!  
Thank you all! And Happy Springtime!
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