INDIANAPOLIS – You and your church can make a difference in people’s lives by providing nutritious, healthy food. Be part of the 2014 Annual Conference Session Outreach on Saturday, May 31, following the ordination/consecration service from noon to 2 p.m. at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis.

The goal is 70,000 one-pound packets of food at a cost of $19,000. Around 250 volunteers are needed for the two-hour project.

We’ll wrap up the Annual Conference Session this year by giving conference participants, youth groups, church groups plus food pantry and feeding ministry supporters the opportunity to pack meals to feed the hungry in Indiana and Guatemala through United Methodist-related Mission Guatemala.

To volunteer your help through the Annual Conference Session, register online at the 2014 Annual Conference Session registration form. Online registration opens April 2.

If your church wishes to help with monetary support of this mission outreach project, make a donation through your church to the Kids Against Hunger project. Ask your church treasurer to deposit those funds through the Indiana Annual Conference drop box at INUMC, PO Box 6089, Carol Stream, IL 60122-6089. Mark the memo: Kids Against Hunger. The deadline for contributions is May 1.

For more information about Kids Against Hunger, click here.

More than 600 volunteers participated in a Kids Against Hunger packing event at Hagerstown Feb. 8.

Together photo.