BIG ISLAND, Va. – The Society of St. Andrew, a gleaning ministry based in Big Island, Va., has given its 2013 Meals for Millions Award to the Indiana Conference United Methodist Men for total giving in 2013 of $29,300. In the past three years, Indiana has almost tripled its giving.

Meals for Millions giving in 2013 by all United Methodist Men’s groups totaled $191,238. This was the fourth year in a row this program’s giving has increased. This money resulted in 8.9 million servings of food for the hungry.

Nationally, United Methodist Men with 2,401 volunteers has gleaned 1.2 million pounds of fresh produce for the hungry.

The Society of St. Andrew bills itself as the premier gleaning organization in America, working with farmers, volunteers and feeding agencies to help feed hungry. It’s an Advance Special of The United Methodist Church. For more information, visit