COLUMBUS, Ohio (MTSO) – Methodist Theological School in Ohio has appointed Timothy Eberhart assistant professor of theology and ecology. Eberhart will serve MTSO and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Ill., through a joint appointment, teaching classes on both campuses through a variety of formats. Both are United Methodist-related schools.

The appointment of Eberhart, a clergy member of the Dakotas Conference, furthers MTSO’s commitment to educating religious leaders around the areas of ecology, sustainability and social justice. MTSO offers ecological specializations within its Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Practical Theology programs.

Also, the school has recently launched a sustainability and land-use initiative that includes on-campus farming. The organic farm provides a lab-like learning environment that will sharpen MTSO students’ sense of what it means to work cooperatively as stewards of the earth and its creatures. In addition to providing food for the campus dining hall, the farm creates opportunities for MTSO to partner with community organizations in improving the availability of fresh, healthful produce to underserved populations.

MTSO and Garrett-Evangelical agreed to enter into partnership in October 2012 for the benefit of both seminaries and their students. This has led to shared use of educational technology in a way that enhances learning of both schools and their greater communities. The joint appointment of Eberhart extends the partnership further.

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