Two Hoosier United Methodist pastors and one lay person spent a week in Uganda this past fall training United Methodist pastors and other church leaders.

The Rev. Dewey Miller, pastor of the Argos United Methodist Church; Brad Beatty, Argos, choir director and Local Pastor Chad Yoder, pastor of Liberty Center United Methodist Church spent from Sept. 23 to Oct. 2 in the East Africa country.

Team taught

The week-long trip began in Kireka, a suburb of Kampala, the capital city. For three days, the team taught Ugandan church leaders about such topics as discipleship, preaching and worship. More than 44 leaders registered for the training event. According to Miller, “there was a great spirit of learning, fellowship and inspiration throughout the experience.”

The team then moved to the tiny remote village of Ngugulo, a two-hour-drive from Kireka, for another training session. More than 30 pastors attended the training. Team members said those attending the training were extremely open to the team and motivated to be equipped to serve their churches more effectively. There is no United Methodist presence in Ngugulo or the surrounding area, however, many of the churches represented at the training session are exploring unity with The United Methodist Church.

Finally, the team spent a day with 30 United Methodist pastors in the city of Jinja. Team leaders said there was a great openness to the visitors from the United States and a generous spirit in the meetings.


Miller said there are several long-term implications of this short mission experience. First, there is another mission planned for this year. The team will be returning to Uganda from September 22-October 6. During that trip there will be several teaching and training opportunities, as well as some projects relating to the Wesley Preschool, which is a ministry of the Namboole United Methodist Church. Additionally, Miller said that team will be partnering with various ministry groups, orphanages and churches.

Miller reported that another development, is the formation of Kuandaa International. Kuandaa is a Swahili word that means “to prepare.” Kuandaa International is ministry that works to prepare and equip pastors and other church leaders in Uganda, and elsewhere.

The impetus for Kuandaa came from leaders of the church in Uganda and they are very involved in the planning of ministry activities and future mission opportunities.

Anyone interested in Kuandaa or participating in the 2014 trip to Uganda may contact Dewey Miller at, or Chad Yoder at Dewey can be reached by calling 260-336-2148.

Those attending the training were extremely open to the team and motivated to be equipped to serve their churches more effectively.

Hoosier pastors Dewey Miller, Chad Yoder and Choir Director Brad Beatty are pictured with a group of pastors and other church leaders they trained at Kireka, Uganda, East Africa at Namboole United Methodist Church.

Photo courtesy of Dewey Miller