INDIANAPOLIS –The 2013 Indiana Annual Conference Session was given a 2014 expense budget of $13,250,000 during the June meeting. However, due to conference action which added health care subsidies to retired pastors and their spouses, the budget was increased to $13,950,000 to compensate for $700,000 being added to the 2014 expense budget.

During the fall meeting of the Indiana Conference Leadership Table, the decision-making body that carries on conference business between annual conference sessions, a $13.7 million 2014 spending plan was approved that also included $300,000 from pension reserves to help cover the cost of added health care subsidies for retired pastors and their spouses.

The 2014 spending plan also projects a 92-percent payment of the Indiana Conference’s General Church apportionments, which is $5 million or roughly $300,000 less than the $5.3 million apportioned to the Indiana Conference by the General Church for 2014.

If all of the 1,120 United Methodist congregations across Indiana would pay their full conference tithe, the conference would receive more than $15 million, which would more than compensate for the 2014 expenses.

Listed here are both the General Church funds apportioned to Indiana for the next year, as well as the Indiana Conference expense budget. Each item is briefly explained with both the amount of money to be allocated for that item, plus the percentage of the budget that item represents.


Note that the figures given here are the full asking by the General Church.

  • World Service Fund supports the basic denominational work of the UMC around the world, including all general agencies – $2,731,741 or 51.27% of the General Church apportionment.
  • Ministerial Education Fund supports our United Methodist seminaries, seminary grants to our UM candidates attending any seminary, and 25 percent remains in the Indiana Conference for the continuing education of our pastors – $937,849 or 17.60% of the General Church apportionment.
  • Black College Fund supports the educational ministry of our historic African-American colleges in the United States – $374,082 or 7.02% of the General Church apportionment.
  • Africa University Fund supports the Africa University, which trains UM leaders from over 30 countries on the continent of Africa – $83,713 or 1.57% of the General Church apportionment.
  • Episcopal Fund supports the work of our UM bishops around the world, including in those regions where they cannot afford the costs of providing their own bishop, also includes the retirement and health insurance benefits for many retired bishops and surviving spouses – $797,663 or 14.97% of the General Church apportionment.
  • General Administration Fund supports the general administration costs of running the denomination, including the infrastructure, which allows Advance Special giving to go 100% to those projects designated by the donors – $329,669 or 6.19% of the General Church apportionment.
  • Interdenominational Cooperation Fund supports our ecumenical cooperation, including the work of the General Commission on Ecumenical and Inter-religious Concerns, and our cooperative work with other Methodist denominations around the world – $73,311 or 1.38% of the General Church apportionment.

TOTAL GENERAL CHURCH APPORTIONMENT FOR 2014 – $5,328,028 at 100% or at $5 million 36.47% of total conference budget.


  • Cabinet Compensation for salaries of 10 district superintendent, district staffs and district centers – $1,405,805 or 10.25% of conference budget.
  • Pension and Insurance for retiree health insurance subsidy $1,500,000 or 10.94% of conference budget.


  • Connectional Ministries for a host of resources to congregations and to coordinate the ministry area of discipleship, archives, leadership development, youth, young adult, and student ministry, mission and social advocacy, ministerial support services, camping and retreat ministry – $2,056,000 or 15% of the conference budget.
  • Church Development to assist the United Methodist churches of Indiana as they make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Church Development Team assists more than 200 congregations involved with the conference’s Fruitful Congregation Journey to build vital congregation. – $1,088,000 or 7.93% of the conference budget.
  • Communication publishes four weekly e-newsletters, posts conference announcements, prints and distributes The Hoosier United Methodists Together newspaper six-times and year and advises local churches, districts and conference ministries on their communication needs – $224,500 or 1.64% of the conference budget.
  • Administrative Services provides support for the Indiana Conference Center, ten district centers, clergy and lay employee benefits and guidance in legal matters – $1,165,580 or 8.6% of the conference budget.
  • Episcopal Office provides the support services for Bishop Mike Coyner at the Indiana Area Office – $147,420 or 1.08% of the conference budget. Note: The Bishop and part of his expenses are paid for through the General Church Episcopal Fund.
  • Financial Services provides for the financial operations of the conference, districts and conference ministries, including payroll, income processing, bookkeeping and audit preparation – $1,119,000 or 8.17% of the conference budget.

TOTAL INDIANA CONFERENCE BUDGETS FOR 2014 – $5,800,000 or 42.31%