Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church
Statement of our Mission, Vision, Core Process and Values

November 2013


The Indiana Conference of The United Methodist Church will make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


We will be a connection of increasingly vibrant congregations working together to fulfill our mission.

  • Our connection will reflect the life and spirit of Jesus Christ.
  • Our vibrant congregations will exhibit the “Fruitful Practices” of radical hospitality, passionate worship, intentional faith development, risk-taking mission and service, and extravagant generosity.
  • Our mission will be accomplished through increasing the number of faithful disciples engaged in missions locally and globally.
  • As faithful disciples, we will live by the Wesleyan “Three Simple Rules” – to do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God.


We will discover, develop and deploy effective leaders for vibrant congregations.

  • Clergy and lay leaders will feel affirmed, equipped and accountable to the mission.
  • Lay and clergy leaders will live their sense of call to ministry both within and beyond the church.
  • Leadership at all levels of the Indiana Conference will work through mission-focused teams.


We believe God is leading us as individuals, as congregations and as a Conference to move from saving our institution to participating in the reign of God. We are moving:

  • From maintenance to mission,
  • From careers to calling,
  • From inward-focused to outward-focused ministry,
  • From stagnation to innovation,
  • From looking for differences to celebrating diversity,
  • From being preference-driven to being purpose-centered,
  • From competition to collaboration,
  • From a sense of entitlement to a sense of service,
  • From divisions to connection, and
  • From being contentious to engaging Christian conferencing as we discern God’s leading.

A simple visual summary:

Effective Leadership > Vibrant Congregations > Faithful Disciples > Transforming the World