INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Conference Benefits Manager Sherry Austin left the Indiana Conference Center staff Oct. 31 to find employment closer to home. She has served the conference at the center since it opened in January 2010.

Austin said she would like to find employment closer to home in Amboy so she didn’t have a long daily commute from 60 miles north of the conference center. Her husband, the Rev. Steve Austin is senior pastor of McGrawsville United Methodist Church in Amboy, between Kokomo and Peru.

Brent Williams, director of administrative services, announced in mid-October that Anne Hayton, currently handling payroll and accounting matters would take over Austin’s duties Nov. 4. Hayton also has been with the conference center staff since the beginning of the new Indiana Conference Center.

According to Williams, “Anne has received training and will be a great asset to our participants and district personnel. Anne has a good understanding of benefits from an accounting perspective and will bring that perspective to the position.”

A luncheon was held in Austin’s honor Oct. 31, her last day in the Indiana Conference Center as a full-time employee.